Monster Kat


Art Dept, set decorator, scenic painter, props, wardrobe, costume designer, illustrations
Insect & Small Animal Wrangler - for film, stills, & props
Freelance artist and illustrator
Embroidery and Seamstress

Scientific Illustration and Photography – CSULB
Entomology - UCR

PC – Photoshop, Word, Excel, 5D Professional, Dreamweaver.
Various art dept positions; swing, scenic painter, props, dresser, and wardrobe, costume designer
Insect wrangler - working with butterflies, moths, spiders, beetles, etc, for film, stills, props

Recent Employment
‘How I Met Your Mother’ – TV episode – insect props
‘Backyard Wild’ Discovery Channel – TV episode – stunts and animal wrangling
‘Bayer’ - commercial - cockroaches
‘Top Model’ - television production – Butterflies and props
USC - short film - Moths
‘AIG’ - commercial - butterflies
‘Disney Imagineering’ - television production - cockroaches, tarantula, moths
‘Maxim’ - Dominic Monaghan still shoot - Various insects
TBD horror feature film – Travis Productions - Feature film - rats
‘Comedy Hell’ – Feature production - Opossum
‘The Perfect Sleep’ -Feature production - Scenic painter, set dressing
Anheiser Busch – Bud Light ‘drink responsibly’ - Commercial - with Saint Bernard’s, children and adults
‘Big Brother’ – Television production - Reality TV – insects
TV Land – ‘Pity The Fool’ - Wardrobe / stylist
Nickelodeon – ‘Salvation Mountain’ - Commissioned artist, silk screener

Recent selected art shows

Parasites & Human Disease – Zzyzx Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Monsters on Bikes – Highland Park, CA
Tiny Monster Show – Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
Joshua Tree - The Photo Show, Long Beach, CA
Monsters With Records - Sea Level, Echo Park, CA
JKEPAJ Photography Show - Gatov Galleries, Long Beach, CA
The Monster Show - Merlino Gallery, Long Beach, CA
Monsters With Ice Cream - Scoops Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Monsters With Bicycles - Orange 20, Los Angeles, CA
Dead Letter project -Richmond VA
At the Bar - Nancy Raygun, Richmond, VA



  • illustration
  • scientific illustration
  • character design
  • embroidery
  • design
  • web design


  • photoshop
  • web design
  • scientific illustration
  • character design and development
  • costuming